Your Home Theater

So, you ask, what is a home theater?  Do I have one?  Most likely, you do... at least to some extent!  Wikipedia defines a home theater as, a "...combination of audio and video components designed to recreate the experience of seeing movies in a theater."  Although your "home theater" may consist of only a TV and a DVD/VHS player, I'm happy to help you troubleshoot and set it up.  Please note, I don't actually repair audio components, but problems can frequently be traced to loose cables or misconfigurations.  Even if it turns out you have a dead TV or DVD player, there's no harm in calling.  If I can't resolve your audio / video issue, there is NO charge*.

Remotes out of Control!Remotes

Remote controls (or "remotes") are the biggest headache when dealing with home audio & video equipment.   Most likely, you have at least three or more remotes to control all your devices.  If not, then congratulations!  However, if you find your remotes are breeding faster than rabbits, and you frequently get confused over which one to use,  consider giving me a call.  

There are a few ways I deal with a lot of remotes:  

  1. I will type up a procedure for you to use, which gives you step-by-step instructions, telling you exactly what remote to use and what button to press for everything you do with your home theater  (ie, watch tv, watch a move, listen to music, etc).

  2. The other option is you can buy a remote (I have suggestions) that is designed to take on the tasks of your other remotes.  You can control your entire home theater with a single remote!  I can supply you with the remote and program it for you.

Need a Home Theater?

If you would like to setup your own full-blown home theater with front, center, side/rear speakers, please contact me.   I can make recommendations for equipment that will suit your needs and budget.   Please be patient!  Setting up a home theater can take time.  If you enjoy listening to music, and you would like to try a tube-amp and maybe a turntable for your stereo needs, I can assist with that as well.  I am a believer in tube amps. I have one of my own, and I believe they sound a lot better than typical solid state amps commonly available today.  You can read more about tube amps HERE.

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